Chiropractic Treatment and Health Topics

by Dr. Mark Chiungos


What Does A Chiropractor Do (Chiropractic Treatment) ?

Hi Dr. Mark Chiungos here. Today I’d like to talk about what a chiropractor does. What do we treat? Often times people from Chelmsford, Lowell and surrounding Merrimack Valley communities come to me and other chiropractors to get relief from pain?

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Ice vs. Heat for Back Pain & Injuries

I’m often asked by patients as to the relative therapeutic benefits of icing vs. heat for managing pain. Both icing and heating if performed properly and under the right conditions, are inexpensive and convenient self-treatment options.

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The Evolution of Chiropractic Care as a Form of Alternative Medicine

The advantages of various forms of alternative medicine will vary from person to person. I like to think that my experience over the years in working with a variety of people with varied conditions and informed by my ongoing education and research, improves the odds of addressing the condition quickly.

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Chelmsford Chiropractor rates 5 stars from patients

I would like to take a moment to thank all of the patients that have taken time to review me at my google + page A Chiropractic Wellness Place, PC. I have been a Chiropractor in Chelmsford, MA area since 1997 and recently I was excited to see the 5 star ratings I had...

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