Chiropractic Care and Weight Management
I’m often asked by my patients who have had excellent results from their ongoing chiropractic wellness visits, as to the potential for chiropractic care to assist in weight loss. In short, chiropractic care is not just about correcting misalignments in the spine but a great resource for overall wellness. I like many of my colleagues, understand that everything in your body is inter-connected. Having  a well aligned spine through regular adjustments takes pressure and stress off the spine. Greater flexibility enables a person to exercise without pain and discomfort. As I noted in my previous blog posting, subluxation and proper hydration enables the body to better absorb nutrients and oxygen. Exercise promotes healthy muscles, healthy muscles burn fat more efficiently.
In closing, I should mention that successful weight loss is related to a healthy lifestyle that includes proper eating and nutrition.Your chiropractor can play a key role not only in these areas but in motivating you to stay on course to achieving your weight loss goals. As the holidays approach, why not re-commit to managing your health before the New Year?