Drinking Water and Staying Healthy with Chiropractic Wellness In Chelsmford

A key component of wellness in the human body is the healthy balance that is maintained between the musculature of the body and spinal alignment. Therefore, it is essential to understand that the body is composed of 60-70% water; a continuous deficit in this ratio will lead to a dehydrated body. The average person needs to maintain this balance so that typical bodily functions such as the transport of nutrients to the body and the removal of toxins, heart rate, blood pressure, transport of oxygen to muscles, and more, are all operating at optimal levels. My observations convince me that most people are in an ongoing state of dehydration.

Water is good for you back as it provides for proper muscle functioning and a cushion for the discs. The average person should take in 64 ounces per day depending upon their size, environment (hot /cold) and level of physical exertion. Without proper hydration, a proper cushion for the discs is unavailable and they are prone to remaining compressed. Compressed discs will compromise the functioning of the spine and lead to pain and restricted range of motion.

A few simple solutions are to substitute water for alcoholic, caffeinated or sweetened drinks. If you do not like the taste of water try using a natural flavoring such as lemon, lime or berries added to water. Remember, every cell in your body contains oxygen and water, without enough of both your body and brain are not functioning as they should.

Good hydration leads to good spinal health. Be flexible. Stay aligned. Enjoy a pain-free life.