Spring is a long awaited season for many of us in New England. The Winter too often restricts our activity to the indoors and limits our mobility and use of our upper body. Many of us in the chiropractic field acknowledge the “seasonality” factor we see each season as patients come in with a multitude of aches and pains relating to outdoor projects. The Spring brings forth renewed use of our Winter induced dormant muscles as we prepare our homes and gardens for the beauty of the growing season. Too often we see our patients launching into ambitious projects that they are not prepared for physically. The result is upper and lower back strains, knee and neck soreness and overall fatigue as little used muscles are coaxed back into service.

I recommend for our patients that receive ongoing chiropractic maintenance, to gradually ease into physically taxing work. If you are not receiving ongoing maintenance here are a few tips. Stretch before embarking into heavy work. Approach your project in a thoughtful manner by planning it step by step. Ration your energy. Be especially mindful of your back and neck, strains are often first experienced here. If you do experience a strain or better, if you want to assist your body in preparing for the physical activity, give us a call. We would be pleased to assist you with adjustments, loosening exercises and tips that will enable you to complete your Spring cleanups without major bodily injuries.