Tom Brady’s TB12 Regimen and Chiropractic

Tom Brady, the renowned quarterback of the New England Patriots, and his TB12 health regimen have gained impressive notoriety over the past few years. Now as Brady celebrates his fortieth birthday and shows few signs of slowing down, he is gaining many converts to his TB12 health and lifestyle regimen. Several of his noteworthy NFL converts include Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Luck quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts. They like other athletes are always looking for a competitive edge and seeing Brady’s success in recovering from the rigors of NFL competition and still playing at a high level, motivates them to say: “I’ll have what he has”.

For those unaware as to the specifics of Brady’s TB12 program, the programs foundation is built upon a plant based diet and an emphasis on flexibility. Stretching exercises and flexibility movement including chiropractic adjustments sometimes twice a week, are integral to the success of the program.

In fact much of chiropractic care is similar with several of the key practices of the TB12 lifestyle regimen. Chiropractic care addresses pain, trauma, diet and improved flexibility, all key features shared with Brady’s TB12. Regular chiropractic adjustments combined with a tailored flexibility routine serve as preventative health measures. No wonder Tom Brady has proven to be an “ironman” on the playing field. His TB12 lifestyle program has facilitated his quick recovery from the horrific hits he takes on the playing field and enabled him to quickly recover from injury and stress.

Tom Brady is the “gold standard of today’s quarterbacks” (Boston Globe 8/17) and with good reason. His success and longevity are due in large part to his diet and disciplined training program. If you want to make changes in your lifestyle please give me a call to setup a no-obligation appointment. We’ll sit down and discuss your goals and craft a game plan that will enable you to address nagging physical ailments and position you to be like Tom Brady. You don’t have to wait for a traumatic event to impact your body – seize the moment today!