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Presenting Condition-Neck Pain

Adults, teenagers and children are sitting for extended periods of time in front of electronic devices. This is creating an unprecedented epidemic of serious, debilitating neck and back related complaints.

Presenting Condition-Low Back Pain

“60 to 80 % of the general population suffer lower back pain at some time in their lives.” Liebenson,Craig, Rehabilitation of the Spine: practitioner’s manual, 1996 page 3.  Untreated conditions can reoccur often increasing in severity and impairment.

Treatment And Recovery

I choose my treatment techniques based on an individuals’ condition and tolerance. Treatment is a dynamic process; I make changes in treatment delivery at each session based upon response to care. The goal: make treatment safe, pleasant and effective.

Enjoy Improved Health and Wellness

Patient’s reported benefits included: pain reduction or elimination, more mobility and flexibility, improved energy, better sleep and relaxation. A growing number of patients are participating in periodic chiropractic maintenance programs.

Patient Stories

I have been a patient for many years. I work in the software industry so I require a chiropractic maintenance schedule to keep my neck and shoulders well. Dr Chiungos is a caring and very competent healer. I recommend him highly…Elizabeth 7/15

I have been going to Dr. Chiungos for about 5 years now and would highly recommend him. I have had on and off back problems for the past 20 years and have tried many different doctors, chiropractors, etc. I was in excruciating pain and could barely stand up for almost a week when I first went in to see Dr. C. Within a week of being treated, I felt so much better…Katie 2/16

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Chelmsford, Ma. Area Chiropractor

Dr. Mark J. Chiungos of A Chiropractic Wellness Place will help you take control of back, neck and joint pain relief. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn the many health related symptoms that can be helped through experienced chiropractic care and not just back pain.

Dr. Mark J. Chiungos, your Chelmsford area chiropractor, has provided hundreds of people with back pain relief over the past two decades. His efforts in partnership with his patients has helped them to return to the things they love in life and maintain a high level of health through ongoing chiropractic wellness.

Dr. Mark Chiungos; Chiropractic Care Helps Patients Receive Pain Relief

At A Chiropractic Wellness Place in Chelmsford, Dr Chiungos treats auto accident injuries , on the job stresses, head and neck pain, back pain, headaches and other chronic pain conditions. Dr. Chiungos uses a mix of traditional chiropractic techniques along with the latest cutting-edge and holistic treatment modalities.  He accepts patients from Chelmsford, Lowell, Westford, Tewksbury, Tyngsborough and other towns in the Merrimack Valley.

Low back pain and mid back pain without complications*.
Low back pain associated with pregnancy.
Neck pain without complications*.
Neck and upper shoulder pain due to the stress associated with working at a computer station.
Head aches associated with stress and poor posture from work at a computer or workbench.
Ankle, foot and knee pain without complications* associated with work, sports and training injuries.
Shoulder, elbow and wrist pain without complications* associated with work, sports and training injuries.

* Complications may include but are not limited to the following: Herniated discs, nerve canal narrowing (stenosis), severe degenerative disease of the spine, osteoporosis, fractures, infections, tumors and malignancies, lyme’s disease, diabetes, obesity and prolonged corticosteroid use.

Chiropractic back and Pain Relief In Chelmsford, Ma.

Dr. Mark Chiungos will not only help your body get back to full strength, but his methods may also improve your quality of life as your mind and body strengthen from successfully overcoming long-standing pain.

Contact Dr. Chiungos today about your back, neck and joint pain. Learn how he can help you get your energy level back as well as your life through the innovative application of chiropractic medicine.

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