During the first week, as the natural shape of your neck and back is strengthened, you may experience normal discomfort and soreness. As with any new exercise, THIS IS NORMAL. Skip a few days if you must, but stick with it, don’t quit! Think of Posture Pump® as you would your toothbrush. Just as your toothbrush protects your teeth, let Posture Pump® strengthen, shape and lubricate your neck and back. Like working oil into a rusty hinge, use Posture Pump® after long periods of holding your head, neck and back in uncomfortable positions like, texting, cell phone, computers, driving, lifting, gardening, etc. You should NOT experience pain when using Posture Pump®. If you do, reposition yourself on the unit to make sure you are centered and using it properly. If you still feel pain then discontinue use immediately. Be sure to follow all cautions and instructions before beginning.