Addressing Neck Pain with SpineMED® Decompression

Neck pain is a common ailment that affects millions of people worldwide. It can range from a mild, nagging discomfort to a severe, debilitating condition that significantly impacts a person’s quality of life. Understanding the root causes of neck pain is the first step towards finding an effective solution.

The neck, also known as the cervical spine, is a complex structure made up of seven vertebrae, numerous muscles, ligaments, and nerves. It supports the weight of the head and allows for its diverse range of motion. This flexibility, however, also makes the neck vulnerable to strain and injury.

There are several common causes of neck pain. Poor posture, particularly from hunching over computers and smartphones, can lead to chronic tension and strain in the neck muscles. Aging is another factor, as the discs between the vertebrae naturally degenerate over time, a condition known as cervical spondylosis. Accidents and injuries, such as whiplash from a car accident, can cause acute neck pain. Certain diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis and meningitis, can also affect the neck and lead to pain.

Symptoms of chronic neck pain can include persistent aches, stiffness, sharp pain, headaches, and even numbness or tingling in the arms if a nerve is compressed. These symptoms can interfere with daily activities and reduce overall quality of life.

While traditional treatments for neck pain often involve medication, physical therapy, or in severe cases, surgery, these methods may not always provide lasting relief and can come with potential side effects. This is where SpineMED® Decompression comes into the picture as a unique, non-invasive, and effective treatment option for chronic neck pain.

What is SpineMED® Decompression?

SpineMED® Decompression is a cutting-edge, non-surgical treatment designed to alleviate chronic neck and back pain. It works by gently stretching the spine, changing the force and position of the spine, which helps to take pressure off spinal discs, the gel-like cushions between the bones in your spine.

Over time, due to age, injury, or disease, these discs can bulge or become herniated. This can lead to pressure on the nerves in the spine, causing pain, numbness, or weakness in various parts of the body. SpineMED® Decompression therapy helps to create negative pressure within the disc, promoting the retraction or repositioning of the herniated or bulging disc material. This process also promotes the movement of water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids into the discs, facilitating healing.

The science behind SpineMED® Decompression is based on the principles of spinal traction that have been used by healthcare professionals for many years. However, SpineMED® Decompression therapy is more advanced and precise, thanks to computer technology. The treatment is tailored to each patient’s individual needs, ensuring optimal results.

Several scientific studies have supported the effectiveness of SpineMED® Decompression. For instance, a study published in the Orthopedic Technology Review found that 86% of patients who received decompression therapy reported immediate resolution of symptoms, while 84% remained pain-free 90 days post-treatment. These impressive results make SpineMED® Decompression a compelling option for those suffering from chronic neck pain.

How SpineMED® Decompression Addresses Neck Pain

SpineMED® Decompression therapy is particularly effective in addressing neck pain because it targets the root causes of the discomfort. By gently stretching the neck, it can alleviate pressure on the cervical discs and nerves, which are often the source of pain.

When the discs in your neck are compressed, they can bulge or herniate, pressing on the nerves. This pressure can lead to the symptoms of neck pain, such as sharp pain, stiffness, and numbness or tingling in the arms. SpineMED® Decompression therapy works to create negative pressure within these discs, which can help retract or reposition the herniated or bulging disc material. This relieves pressure on the nerves and can significantly reduce pain.

Moreover, the decompression process promotes the movement of water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids into the discs, which can help stimulate the body’s healing process. This can lead to long-term relief from neck pain, rather than just temporary symptom relief.

While individual experiences can vary, many patients have found significant relief from their neck pain through SpineMED® Decompression. For instance, one patient, a 45-year-old office worker with chronic neck pain, reported a significant reduction in pain and improved mobility after just a few sessions. She was able to return to her daily activities without discomfort, demonstrating the potential benefits of this treatment.

What to Expect from a SpineMED® Decompression Session

Embarking on a new treatment journey can often feel daunting, but rest assured that SpineMED® Decompression is a non-invasive, comfortable, and safe procedure. Here’s what you can expect from a typical session:

Before the treatment begins, you’ll be comfortably positioned on the SpineMED® table. The patented pelvic or cervical restraints will be adjusted to fit your body perfectly. These restraints are designed to ensure optimal decompression and comfort throughout the session.

Once you’re settled, the computer-controlled system will deliver a precise, gentle stretch to your spine. The exact parameters of this stretch are customized to your specific needs, based on your diagnosis and physical condition. This stretch may feel a bit unusual at first, but it is typically not painful. In fact, many patients find the session to be relaxing, and some even fall asleep.

A single SpineMED® Decompression session typically lasts about 30 minutes. However, the total number of sessions you’ll need will depend on your specific condition. Many patients experience significant relief after a few sessions, but a full course of treatment usually involves 20 to 28 sessions over five to seven weeks.

It’s important to note that while SpineMED® Decompression is a safe procedure, it may not be suitable for everyone. Patients with certain conditions, such as spinal tumors, fractures, advanced osteoporosis, or certain types of hardware in the spine, may not be candidates for this treatment. Your healthcare provider will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if SpineMED® Decompression is right for you.

Conclusion: The Benefits of SpineMED® Decompression for Neck Pain

Living with neck pain can be a debilitating experience, affecting every aspect of your life from work to leisure activities. Traditional treatments may not always provide the lasting relief you seek, and that’s where SpineMED® Decompression comes in. This non-invasive, scientifically-backed treatment offers a unique approach to addressing the root causes of neck pain, providing not just temporary relief, but a pathway to long-term recovery.

SpineMED® Decompression therapy gently and precisely stretches the spine, promoting the retraction of herniated or bulging disc material and relieving pressure on the nerves. This process not only reduces pain but also stimulates the movement of nutrient-rich fluids into the discs, facilitating healing and recovery.

Dr. Mark Chiungos, operating out of A Chiropractic Wellness Place in Chelmsford, MA, is a dedicated practitioner of SpineMED® Decompression. With years of experience and a deep understanding of spinal health, Dr. Chiungos is committed to helping patients find relief from chronic neck pain through this innovative treatment.

If you’re tired of living with neck pain and are ready for a change, consider SpineMED® Decompression as your next step towards relief. As you’ve learned from this post, this innovative, non-invasive treatment could be the solution you’ve been seeking. Dr. Mark Chiungos, with his wealth of experience and dedication to spinal health, is ready to guide you on this journey towards improved wellbeing. Don’t let neck pain dictate your life. Reach out to us directly here at A Chiropractic Wellness Place to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chiungos.

It’s time to discover the life-changing benefits of SpineMED® Decompression.

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Will my insurance cover this?2022-12-30T00:19:34-05:00

Most insurance policies offer some chiropractic coverage. Dr. Chiungos works with Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, Tufts Health Plan, Unicare/GIC, and Medicare. See the No Surprises Act for more information.

Is chiropractic treatment safe?2022-12-30T00:00:01-05:00

Absolutely. Chiropractic as a profession is more than 100 years old. We follow industry guidelines during our new patient induction process to minimize risk and maximize benefit. Chiropractic malpractice insurance is considered by many to be the least costly  professional insurance in the healthcare industry because chiropractic is generally considered a safe, manual therapy.

When will I start feeling better?2022-12-30T00:00:41-05:00

It depends on your mechanism of injury and your current state of health. You might start feeling better as soon as your adjustment is finished. You might need to go home and ice (Dr. Chiungos will advise you). If your injury is serious, it may take several visits. But your healing has begun from the first adjustment. Your personal care plan is designed to take you from where you are today to your best possible outcome. Dr. Chiungos will keep you updated on your progress at each visit.


Will my insurance cover decompression treatment?2024-05-24T07:30:29-05:00

Decompression treatment is not currently covered by health insurance. If Dr. Chiungos believes this is an integral part of your treatment plan, he will discuss all costs and potential discounts before the start of care. You will receive informed consent.

Is spinal disc decompression treatment safe?2024-05-24T07:30:42-05:00

Spinal Disc Decompression with the SpineMED® Table has shown to be safe and generally without major side effects or complications once abnormal conditions have been ruled out. The process is so safe and comfortable, it’s not uncommon for patients to fall asleep!

Are there any specific situations that are unsafe for decompression?2024-05-24T07:30:56-05:00
Specific situations that are not suited for decompression therapy include:
  • Patients under 12 years old
  • If you had spinal surgery that involved clips, mesh or fusion
  • If you have fractures, tumors or infections
  • If you have osteoporosis or spondylolisthesis where there’s been a fracture or non-union defect in the spine, where that segment that we want to traction is unstable
How does decompression complement traditional chiropractic?2024-05-24T07:31:11-05:00

Damaged intervertebral discs seldom heal as the discs are constantly under pressure from muscular spasm—during normal activities, and even while sleeping! SpineMED is designed to reduce the pressure in the discs, promoting the influx of vital fluids, nutrients and oxygen back into the discs to assist the body’s natural rebuilding process. This process may speed up the natural repair and could eventually heal damaged spinal discs.

How long will decompression therapy take?2024-05-24T07:31:38-05:00

Sessions are typically 30 minutes long. It could take 15 to 25 sessions or more to see some relief from your discomfort. That’s variable based on your status and the condition we’re treating. Ideally, the sessions are performed daily with rest on the weekend.

Aspen Laser

Will my insurance cover laser treatment?2022-12-30T00:02:57-05:00

Laser treatment, as used in chiropractic offices, is not currently covered by health insurance. If Dr. Chiungos believes this is an integral part of your treatment plan, he will discuss all costs and potential discounts before the start of care.

Is laser therapy safe?2023-01-18T14:21:08-05:00

Laser therapy has been in use for over thirty years with almost no side effects reported. Aspen Laser is FDA-registered and passes all safety compliance requirements. The treatments are not painful; in fact, laser is warm and comfortable to your skin. Dr. Chiungos will check in with you regularly to make sure the temperature feels right, and you can always speak up if it starts to feel too warm. The main safety concern is for the eyes, which is why Dr. Chiungos will provide protective glasses for both patient and doctor at each session.

Are there any situations that are unsafe for laser?2022-12-30T00:04:42-05:00

Laser is effective on most parts of the body; however, there are times when laser is not appropriate:

  • during pregnancy
  • within twelve months of cancer treatments
  • during the use of photo-sensitizing medications
  • over recent steroid injections (seven days)
  • over growth plates or reproductive glands
  • over tattoos or skin infections
How does laser complement traditional chiropractic?2022-12-30T00:05:14-05:00

Laser therapy promotes energy production supporting cellular repair, increased blood flow, increased red blood cell oxygen-carrying capacity, and decrease of inflammation. When used in conjunction with traditional chiropractic, laser can reduce pain and healing time, and promote a deeper, more complete healing to the area of concern.

How long will laser take?2022-12-30T00:05:45-05:00

Sessions typically last 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. They generally start longer and reduce in length as you heal. Most acute conditions require only 10 – 12 treatment sessions. If you have a chronic condition, you may need 12 – 20 treatments and one or two follow-up sessions every month. The amount and frequency of treatments are determined through assessment of your condition combined with Dr. Chiungos’s experience treating patients with laser. You will likely start to feel better after your first 5 sessions.

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